We always give almost importance to the moral and social responsibility. We dedicate our small part for building of the well organized society. We keep forward our little hands of financial assistance in various natural calamities and national perils.

  • Bank is contributing from time to time to the Prime Ministers/Chief Ministers Relief Funds of different states in      various natural calamities takes place. It is our sincere efforts towards the society.
  • Bank is having Members Welfare Fund. We are providing our share to cure in the major diseases of our      stakeholders. We assume our moral responsibility for well beings of stakeholders.
  • Banks have contributed our share in various national development programs. Bank has provided financial      assistance through “Nirmal Gram Yojana” to various our members in the rural branches.
  • Bank is motivating talents of children of shareholders and staff by felicitating them by arranging special programs.
  • Bank with the co-ordination of Karmyogi Saint Dattatraya Maharaj Kalambe Pratisthan organizes Harinam        Saptahas every year. This is being organized in the memories of founders of the bank and to create spirituality and unity among our stakeholders for the sake of development of the bank.