Purpose :

Development through strategic & innovative planning is an ongoing process of our activities. Our approach is to develop a positive attitude among our stakeholders. We have set the road-map to march ahead of the co-operative movement. Our creativity on the eve of every plan is expecting our robust and fabulous development in nearby future.

For meeting marriage expenses of self or dependent direct relative, Thread Ceremony, religious functions obligatory to be performed & any other reasonable cause\ purpose.

  • For meeting the medical expenses of the borrower & or his family members.
  • For consumption purposes like purchase of household articles & furniture & fixtures.
  • For the purpose of repayment of debts.
  • For the purpose of developing trade, business, and any other industrial/professional purpose.
  • For Accommodation / House Repairs / Renovation.
  • For Higher Education.

Extent : Up to Rs.50, 000/-

Eligibility Condition:

  • Depending upon the income and net salary, the exact amount of loan to be granted is determined. Similarly , the duration of repayment and the amount of installment is fixed.
  • In case of unsecured loan without undertaking for deduction and remittance of installment from salary U/S 49 of M. C. S. Act but with authority to debit Deposit Account with the branch where salary is credited, he should ensure to credit the salary to his account on monthly basis regularly.
  • In case of unsecured loan without undertaking or authority letter to debit the account as above, he should give advance Cheques for the payment of installment amount.

Extent :

Maximum Rs.15.00 lac. Exception can be done on justifying ground up to the ceiling fixed by R.B.I.

Re-payment Period : 50 months

Secured Loan :

The difference between Personal Loan & Secured Loan is only one. In this case the applicant should be employed in good company and he should give undertaking u/s 49 of M.C.S Act.

Maximum amount of loan available, purpose clause and the requirements remain the same.